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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gegirl @ JUlia

Remember bunny bear - Gegirl ?yang rania 'tak suke tu ' --Inilah dia ATAS ni ..hehe scary ke muka dia?Bagi mommy rania comel what?/with her red cheek n cute nose..hehe(",) But stilll my rania dont' like it..huh memilih juga si kecik ni..

Rania 's new doll- JULIA.why julia ?because memang her name is julia , stick at her dress..so from now we call her julia.n rania seems to like n love it so much ...compare to gegirl yang mommy n baba belikan.:(..But its ok ,thanks to maktok n bibi afizan for the dolly!!!


mimi's said...

:) my sweety ni de gegirl doll ea..gegirl 2 x scary la mommy..gegirl 2 cute la mommy cume aunty rasa gegirl 2 serius je mukanye..2 yg rania tatottt.. (",) mommy jgn sdey2.."rania tetappp sayangggg mommy n baba taw.." :) cute je rania ngn both of doll 2 nad (",)

neverletmego said...

hehe thanks mimi.(",)
Hope rania appreciate mommy n baba dia nanti bile besar .AMIN

btw cut eje kan gegirl tu..-apa la rania nee..takpe boleh kasi mommy main n pelok gegirl if rania tak suke.hehe

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