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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rania's 2nd immunization n check -up

yesterday 12th dec 2009 ,we went to PCMC ,appointment with Paeds Rania ,Dr Anthony.
Well before g sana ,i siap breastfeeding rania n bottle feeding kan dia..:(...so that nanti time jumpe dr, rania tak nangis..Alhamdulillah rania looks so cool..baba dia pula yang panic.heeheeDr said rania ok chubby sket kot but her weight n height ok.
Weight - 6.6 kg
Height - 64 cm

.Rania tak nangis when needle masuk to her cute n gomok thigh but when dr push je medication,she started to cry,poor little sweety pie mommy ..after a few second rania diam..huh that s it??ouch alhamdulillah tough baby mommy..,muahks..love u sweet heart ...

Now she loikes n enjoy playing with her small face towel - playing pee ka boo with mommy n baba..n always show her 'curious face' and likes to observe people n things especially in bright color.

Rania suke juga main dgn her saliva n the new thing is -2 days ago when ajf n i had our lunch,Rania try nak grab mushroom dalam ajf's plate !!ape maksud dia ek?well Rania's paeds told that is signs show that we can start giving her solid food.well...informations in INternet ,book,n masa i belajar dulu ,start when baby is 6 months old.but now rania is only 4 months ++++ so should i give or just wait till 6 months?

any advice mommmy???


Marsha~ said...

mana gambar rania?? nk tgk rania yg tembam itu.. :)

Wahidah said...

small towel??? so cute la..

kelakar la pulak bile tgk fiq layan die...

nasib bek bole harap..huhuhu

lin said...

u bf your baby kan? takpe..tunggu dlu until 6th month..sbb normally bf baby ni dh ckp semua nutrition yg diperlukan..lgpn berat dia naik kan?

nanti try dlu bg dia bubur nasi kosong masa dh masuk 6th month..

neverletmego said...

to marsha - hehe nanti nad upload k dear:P

to wai - aah pandai fiq layan rania.funny pun ada gak:)

to lin - tq :)..6 months kejap je g kan?dah tak lama..

elida hanan. said...

well, from what i learn and what is advised is to wait until the baby is 6 months old, then u can start weaning her (giving food other than the bf), to supplement her nutrition. before 6 months, her gut may not be fully developed yet to digest all the foodstuffs given. and i think its a normal milestone of her age to start grabbing and grasping things that interest her.

anyway, thats only my 2-cents, and i have absolutely no experience so ever in the parenthood. hehe

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