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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

pre -end 2009

Sejak ramai org tahu bout blog ni,rasa takut n susah hati je nak tulis bout my life.bukan ape,takut ntha..takut sebarang perkataan ulasan yang i tulis akan dipertikaikan n tidak dipersetujui .RIGHT?ermmm..2009 ni banyak benda yang berlaku ,pahit manis sedey duka but life is life ,u kena get through it ,mahu tak mahu u have to face it!!!
KEy point - sanggup ke?tough ke? kite nak handle everythings..
Salah ku terlalu ambil berat n jaga n tumpukan perhatian pada familyku?husband ku n baby girl ku ?salah ke?
salah ke aku tak dapat luangkan masa dgn my friends..???
im working,tak same ngan org lain,org lain keje weekdays ,cuti weekend....i??keje weekdays n weekend...orang laincuti 2 hari?i cuti sehari..my ajf n me tak same cuti .we all have to schedule n plan every month to be together.i keje shift orang lain keje 9-5 ...salah ke aku ?

im not regret ..im proud to be ME..to be nurse..but sometimes Orang lain tak faham...itu je..
n im SO HAPPY...my life = alhamdulillah lengkap with my hubby ,rania ,family ,friends,job,n etc............

Ya ALLAH swt je tahu isi hati ku..

to all my friends yang alwaz support me phsicaly n mentally..i love u guys so much!!!!


Wahidah said...

dont worry nadh..kdg2 kita tk dpt puaskan hati sumer pihak..

yg pnting i'll alwiz be ur frenz k

kojah said...

biasla tuh kak, org macam2...yg pnting sabar je laa...

Intan said...

Nadia dear, dun worry pasai apa org nak ckp ke nak kutuk ke about our blog.

Blog nie umpama "diari" buat empunya nya...so apa yg kita tulis ialah apa yg kita rasa and kita share experience, share happiness and sadness too, tambah kawan dan sebagainya.

Bagi k.intan, tak pernah nak amik port ke nak rasa kecik hati ke kalo org tak suka...so what...kalo tak suka then jgn bacalah blog org tu...simple right.

Nadia, blog nie one day anak2 kita yg akan baca...for sure diorang pon nak tau mcm mana story morry hidup depa masa kecil...so buat lah blog nie something yg "indah" so both us and our children will smile reading it and who knows perhaps they'll continue the entry here untill anak cucu cicit :D

So dun be sad kay dear, anggap je mende2 nie semua mcm asam garam...just continue..."happy berblogging"!

marr said...

Dearest nadia, it's a great relief to read your blog once a while and there's one thing that i realized about you is that, you have never mitigate yourself and always stay true to yourself and belief.

Not only that you are very dedicated to your AJF and newborn little pwincess which is very sweet and makes me feel humane sometimes. I can see that AJF is keeping his word and are looking after you nicely (so bless him for that and i'm still going to kick his back-side if he ever hurt you ;))

My advice is "so what" if people comment or doesn't like what you wrote. Nor if your grammar is broken nor a spelling is wrong here and there..No one is perfect, otherwise everyone would be god :) Please don't stop writing what's on your mind too ;) Write away young mama..you're not doing any wrong here...you will think what you wrote might hurt others, a very good friend or what but hey you let it out than keeping it silently and eventually turn to "berburuk sangka".

It's a free country, you don't pay anyone for the air that you breathe(unless someone farted ;)) and yes we have the right of speech.


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