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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hari Raya Aidiladha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha...hye lama nye tak ber'blog' .busy juga .but bukan sebab busy i tak update tapi sebab perkataan 'MALAS" hehe ..sejak ada baby n suami ni ada je keje ..well im still leaRning to manage well my life ,works ,my BABY n HUBBY..
Pagi raya i kena keje ..so this raya my family came raya @Kl..yeho..best sgt walaupun tak se best raya di YAn,(my village ) but ada parents n siblings..ok sgt..
malam Raya tu we all buat BBQ - kambing and ayam .Thanks to mak n my hubby,walid, othman,mustafa tukang bakar .hehe

Rania..rania my sweetheart=- dia dah kenal org,dgr suara maktok n bibi2 dia je kat fhone terus diam n try nak cakap (baby talk)..bile jumpe dia tgk je muka diaorg..:) clever baby mommy..muahks i love u ..Now she loikes n easy to smiles ...like her mommy :P..bluek sile muntah..
Then funny nye rania ni macam org tua ,padahal baru je 4 months,Masa i tgk magazine ,rania pun tgk juga ..huhu sibuk anak mommy nak baca .bile mommy tutup magazine dia menangis -merengek..after few seconds main with her fingers lak(lupa la tu bout magazine) baru i notice she likes to see things with bright color!!!

konon-konon tengah meniarap la..padahal.heeh hanya my family n me je tahu rahsia rania.hehe

p/s - To my good buddy and ex-housemate ..nad sayang sangat kat u,jaga diri,nanti free datang umah k?tthen kite boleh kuar g mall with baby rania k?takecare-jangan sedey2 ingat apa yang jadi ada hikmah nye..

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Wahidah said...

tq syg...nanti kiter hang out sesama kay...miss u so muchh..

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