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Monday, December 7, 2009

Chinese Wedding

Last Saturday ,AJf n i ada wedding invitation at Grand Dorsett Subang ,his chinese friend,Gary & Cindy.be frank,this is my first time attend chinese wedding.wow..best sgt ,YES of course ada wine n beer(oops ---) but no protocol at all,,very the'family' time hehe enjoy sgt..

But tak boleh bawa rania ,,if family;s wedding boleh la bawa kan..sian rania..tgh titon n tgh kena tinggal ..

Back to the story , maksud i takde protocol is like not formal la..Macam wedding org melayu yang pernah kite pergi terutama nye wedding i la..wedding i kat kedah tghahri so takla formal ,People come and go ,relax mode.Masa reception kat Kl pun simple tapi still tgu vvip n vip,,...Example like chinese wedding meja vip is bridegrooms, grandmother close uncle aunt pendek kata all bridegroom's close family ,datuk datin puan sri tan sri all different table..But malay weddings utamakan orang luar ..well maybe for show respests but bukan family come first ke?
well lain org lain pendapat ..yang penting for my wedding-i happy sgt!!!
me n ajf with bridegroom and friends..

me n ajf love u syg....


simple,grand n fabulous wedding..full gile makan sampai 8 course.tu je la- agak membazir kot bile datang bab makan..serve with chinese tea and soft drinks...well pape pun masing2 ada agenda sendiri.(",)..just want to share my experience g chinese wedding.

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Wahidah said...

meriah je...besh2....eok kiter ngedate kay....huhuhu

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