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Monday, August 31, 2009

i Hate weekdays

Start weekdays je sad sgt..sebab ajf kena blik kl ..:(...jauh...miss u b:(
i dah start miss u even u still kat kulim..dgn i (tepi i)..me n rania love n miss u so much!!
Banyak plan i nak buat dgn u(cant wait till confinement habis)...
p/s - sorry sentimental jap:(..emo..
Thanks sis mom beli kasut raya for rania..nice sgt..:)
i Likes..:)



a'ah mmg sgt.. kiter pun pernah alami pengalaman cam tue.. dok berpantang kat kampung hubby kena keja kan..huhuhu, xpe sekejap jerk..

ZiE FAUZi said...

alaaa...nadia..jap jer tuh..x lama lg dah..pejam celik pejam celik dah nak abis dh pantang...

uikssss...baru zie perasan..mulut rania sexy ar..ada iras2 mulut angelina jolie...

neverletmego said...

to mama umairah - :)..tu la dop kira waktu je ni..ngadap lappy n rania je.n most of the time tido n bf rania..:)..umairah sihat ?comel dia dalam magazine pa&ma..:) mommy rania suke..

to zie - hye zie.hope gtu la ..cepat2 cket masa habis pantang..tapi yang tak best nye habis pantang-raya -habis raya kene keje...wargh malas nye nak kerje..hahahah tapi nak gaji ..macam mana ek??/

ye ke angelina jolie..:) haha kelakar la..baby cepat berubah..nanti ubah g tu..

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