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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

first time-VE

28th july 2009
The whole night tak boleh titon after balik from movie,cause sakit sgt perot.but nope leaking liquor,no shows or what...er..so tak mau menyusahkan semua org that night.try untuk tahan.
in the morning,still sakit .so Ajf ajak me g hospital.but sad nye dr gynae ni,Dr mathews tak de,emergency leave.(mother nye sakit -i guess)..
But midwife metro hosptiat buat la ape yang patut..CTG..n memang ada contraction,tapi sgt MILD..ermm mild kalau tak kuat sgt ,tiada bukaan .no la labour.erm..
untuk memastikan,midwife call Dr Mathews,n VE (vaginal examination) ...argh scary..so scary k..the midwife had to insert her 2 fingers to check whether ada bukaan atau nope- got show but bukaan tiada.so ,mmommy pun balik rest at home.
29th july 2009
today g check up ultrasound baby-alhamdulillah baby ok ,healthy,just waiting me to feel pain -n really pain.dr suggested to induce ,or caeserian if i cant wait.tapi bile2 fikir..i just need to deliver normal,thats all..dr said that my situation is different than pregnant women yang lain- cause i cant walk a lot.normally org lain lagi jala lagi bagus kan?weird.but that reality..what ever is my due date is 3rd august..wait until that day,n my next check up is 3rd august.


Intan said...

Cantek nye peknen mummy sorang nie...sweet je dia :) Dah dekat benar ye nadia ngan ur due date...mesti tak sabar giler nak jumpe si "comel" yg kat dlm tu...best best!

QillaTheCurve said...

u look so cute.
mesti baby dlm tue cute jgk mcm mummy die..

Fai said...

Org tua2 kata org pregnant nie seri muka msti naik.. like mommy kita nie la...cute sgt...baby girl kan..

Mrs. Wifey said...

i tot u dah deliver,
anyway hopefully everything will be ok ya dear.

*i've been ur silent reader sejak awal u pregnant dulu. u ttp maintain cute lah!

Wahidah said...

not yet ye darling...
sabar kay..
VE sakit eik???
ke ok jer?

neverletmego said...

to intan - hehe cantik pe nye,,bulat adala..aah intan dekat n tak sabar sgt ni.:).best kan ada baby.

to qillathecurve- thanks qila:)..semua baby cute kan?

to fai - heheh seri muka dalam gambar je.:).live masyALLAH..

to mrs wifey - hehhe..belum g ..tgu masa betul2 'cukup2' masak.hehhe
btw thanks cause sudi follow my blog yang takde input .hehhethanks gain..

to wai - sakit la VE,nasib baik..midwife buat

NoRLi said...

nnt nak VE doc buat lagi sakit eh??

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