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Thursday, July 30, 2009


hehe..last week ajak my mak makan cake ,craving..tapi tak sempat.
tetibe masa ptg tadi dapat call from Ajf ,cakap ada birthday party Tok mi...mesti ada cake kan?
sedapnyer...terus la..ask my sis,kak ina beli cake..chocolate indulgence,yogurt cheese cake,choco cheese cake...sedap sgt .:)

p/s :-to all my friends,tq sebab always call n sms me everyday ask wheather i dah meletop or nope..ahaks...:).thanks gain tau...


♥.misz luna.™ said...

cpt2 la kakak ku ini dpt baby..
mst secomel as her mommy..


nnt dh deliver jgn lupe ltk pic baby tau..

can't wait 4 it..
nk tgk muke baby kakak..

kakak mst lg x sbr2 kn..
ur 1st daughter..

Wahidah said...

u make me craving la dear..
norli admitted..TRO pneumonia..

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