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Saturday, July 11, 2009

New baby

08.07.09 3.44pm
- Bunyi sms masuk,from sis sydah "Salam nad..akak kena masuk ward nie .baby tak gerak la.kena caesarian."..terkejut dapat msg tu .takut n seram pun ada.masuk sis sydah dah dua org member yang preggy n due lebih kurang same kena caesarian.!!!me?Ya ALLAH swt..
09.07.09 3.06pm
2nd msg from sis sydah '" syidah dah selamatkan lahirkan baby girl"/alhamdulillah ..congratulations sis sydah:)happy n ye nadia..tak sabar la nak dapat baby gak.

10.07.09 12 noon
happy dapat dgr suara sis sydah :)..baby girl-3.1kg:)esok sis dah ble discharge...


Ms. Nutt said...

nadia!!! aku igt ko yg bsalin td, terkejut aku, siyes! nwy, when is ur due date ea? weh pape cntct le aku, hp memory ilg....xda no pon korang....sad sad world =(

Wahidah said...

syg dh dpt tgk blum gmbr baby shida?

Wahidah said...

hehehe..finally dpt gk ko tgk baby shidah yea

neverletmego said...

huhuu..jangan sad..kalau aku dah deliver sure aku inform ko nye wahai aunty nutt..:P

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