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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Probably it's too early for me to ask this question as I'm only 34 weeks pregnant. But too think of it again, I do not want to make last minute preparation . Since I’m basically clueless, my mother basically the people who dictated me on what to do and what to take to ensure the well recovery of my body.. Mak, what will I do without you…:) As I’m the type of person who believe in good confinement regime to ensure a healthy body when we are old, thus I just followed obediently on all the instructions given by my mother. Nasihat standard orang tua-tua - Kita perempuan ni kena jaga badan betul-betul, kalau tak suami lari…hehhe ye ke AJf? I have somesort of made up my mind to purchase Amway's Tropical Herbs set. Actually I'm in love with the bengkung that comes together with the set. A friend of mine who gave birth last april used this bengkung together with Amway's ointment (that also comes together with the set) and she got an impressively flat tummy . . I seriously do not know which one to choose. So,Tropical herbs set is in my list..my mak n Ummi in law pun dah lama tak handle postnatal ni,yela my bro pun already 17 yrs:),Bidan they all pun dah tak de dalam dunia ni..

Anyone here want to share with me your experience and knowledge in this?

Any set selepas bersalin yang elok dan sesuai untuk ibu yang menyusukan anak?

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