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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby is comin so i hv to start drive .,ye la nak g balik keje baby kat rumah .
hukhukhuk how ?macamne ni mak??
AJF dah plan nak beli 'small' car for me
long time tak drive,renew license tak pernah lupa tapi ...
drive car in kl?
ade sesape yang boleh jadi pengajar percuma?


-| auM Chak |- said...

dun forget ambik auto drive ek...
kalo manual payah...huhuhu

neverletmego said...

HUHU..itu semestinya..
tapi yg pelik bawa manual kat kulim..confidentla.

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

eh manual ar bestt!!!

-| auM Chak |- said...

mmg lol manual besh..
leh rempit mcm kete aku beto
tp tgk la nad nie da nk mom to be
nanti nk jg baby lagi drive lagi
huhuhu....baik ambik auto jek
kulim jln lenggang jek...drif drif drif.....ekekekeke

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