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Friday, May 29, 2009

skinny mummy become fatty with big belly!!

phew...:(..m i so fat?but my Ajf never ever complaint pun..:)Alhamdulillah..even now my weight is almost 55 kg(huhuhu)
yesterday m off so lots of time wasted watching 'stupid' tv show .
so...after AJf n me took breakfast together then g work...start my 'duty ' at house..ahaks...
wash my 'baby' clothes...handwash .-using nappikleen (betol ke spelling nye)
hehhe excited gile....bile tgk baju baby..
cook for my bb- Nasi goreng sOtong jew..:).tp time maghrib blackout ,so Ajf ajak keluar.
cant stand stay at house without fan light,....kan?so g la jejalan..
IKea----bought bumper pad for baby cot.,,pillow etc n some stuff for baby ..n Ajf -beli bekas makanaan for TOMPOK....(his pet- cat)....---->unbelievable rite?AJF bela kucing....hahahah
WEird but tRUe..anyway bb,even its only cost u RM 2.90,but to me its stiil expensive for ' haiwan luar' instead of 'Orang Luar..'...

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bontemps said...

nadia.ur a one happy mommy to be.hehehehe...

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