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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Award from beto:)

Syarat-syarat menerima award ni;
1) Pastikan jantina anda perempuan. (Yes..confirm im )
2) Copy badge sebagai award. (Done!!!)
3) Sebab anda bangga menjadi perempuan.
~ pregnant( macam skrg)
~ dapat hug n kiss gurlfwen (tnpa di label as Lesbian)
~datang period every month ( hheheh tapi skrg takla..)
~bersyukur dgn ciptaan ALLAH swt ( Like natra said)




..Zara Sale....

Venue : Cineleisure (Ground floor)

Date : 30th April - 5th may 2009

b,help me..teman i..excitednyer...:)

my baby:P

long time tak update blog..miss so much..lots of thing nak type nak citer ..tapi malas..
hope macam semua org bole baca je my mind so that i dont have to write.ehhee
happy pregnant..happy wife..happy friend..
on 17th april till 21st april ...at last dapat gak balik hometown!!!yuhoo..
best jejalan watch movie with all family-Mall Cop...enjoy best gak layan..n makan mee ketam
thanks bb:)
almost 6 months,but nak jalan g toilet n makan pun dah mengah...how?huhu

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

House of Pancakes..

Nothing much to updates..while waiting our movie..BB n me g la PAddington ,house of pancakes (PHOP) at The curve .the cafe of cause la the main menu is pancakes ...( u guys can see the cafe pun nama dia house of pancakes kan kan????) and beverages dia such as mocha latte ,ice lemon tea, hot chocolate..etc( bla bla all western side la)..Funny things is chinese belakang we all in pic bawah ni..mintak CENDOL....hehhehe..erm..agak2 ble terima ke tak???

-pancakes burger -


hhhu so funny..definition of scandal ?A scandal is a widely publicized incident that involves allegations of wrongdoing, disgrace, or moral outrage. A scandal may be based on reality, the product of false allegations, or a mixture of both.
(info from Wikipedia)...ermm well there are Classes of scandals include:
Political scandals
Sex scandals
Academic scandals
Sporting scandals (especially Olympic Games scandals)
....interesting topic is sex scandal..
nowadays in malaysia ,,,,,especially muslim -hanya stand dgn nama..akhlak budi n attitude dah tak macam muslim..
Muslim @ islam pada nama.....
SUami org and isteri orang tapi berkelakuan seperti bujang..sedangkan zaman dahulu nak keluar rumah ,Ayah meninggal dunia pun tunggu suami untuk minta permission..tapi sekarang????
nauzubillah..tiada kaitan dgn sesiapa..tapi inikah tandanya Kiamat...Ya ALLAH swt takutnye..gerunnya ..
tetibe baru teringat ..tak solat zohor g..:(..

Girl's day

Thanks gurls bacause sudi jenguk me at home..so sweet sgt u all. tolong i mask..hehehhe (Dalila yang cook ,act )
hhuhu..btw i had a great time 'lepaking' ng gosssiping withu u all babes...-so sad kak tui cant join ,anyway dia kat Langkawi kan>?lagi happy kan syg.:P

american football..

- mybaby injured -

last sunday AJf n me went to titiwwangsa,bb ada game..hehhehe terror gak my baby play football.:)
terus turun weight dia...:).. hehhehe..
play football smpai injured.cian darling..

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