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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

House of Pancakes..

Nothing much to updates..while waiting our movie..BB n me g la PAddington ,house of pancakes (PHOP) at The curve .the cafe of cause la the main menu is pancakes ...( u guys can see the cafe pun nama dia house of pancakes kan kan????) and beverages dia such as mocha latte ,ice lemon tea, hot chocolate..etc( bla bla all western side la)..Funny things is chinese belakang we all in pic bawah ni..mintak CENDOL....hehhehe..erm..agak2 ble terima ke tak???

-pancakes burger -


Wahidah said...

mcm besh je..nak kena try niii

neverletmego said...

try try sedap :)

Anonymous said...

nanti bawak mak n walid try kat sana... - kak ina :P

neverletmego said...

ok..sure..tak sedap sgt

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