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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

13 weeks 4 Days

3rd February 2009
-kecil kan perot?well dah 3 months pregnant.maybe cause me thin n tall..so perot tal nampak sgt.
-but jeans macam dah ketat.
-Yesterday masa nak angkat laundry basket ,terslip n 'jatuh tangga' .ouchh cakit nye YA ALLAH SWT je tahu..ada skit blood tapi i just ignore it(Takut gak)
- esok ,is 3rd la..g keje cam biasa ..normal routine .beli nasi lemak @ampang park for breakfast..
-after breakfast,broommm smua kuar balik..(muntah -as usual)
-perut beertambah sakit (like period pain) and kaki sakit..:(
-Then after that mulala semua my friends membebel suruh rehat n jumpe my gynae @ 10.30 am
-so b4 tu i rest kt ER dulu,tetibe je muncul hubby .tq ssyang .:)
- ALHAMDULILLAH ,syukur nothing bad happen to my baby.my strong little baby,but its too early to detect whether its a boy or girl.:) what ever its ,mommy loves u sayang...

3 Months 1 weeks 4 days
fetal heart rate - 150 bpm
length - 7.56 cm

-Dr SEri SUniZa advice me to admit for observation n refer to orthopedc..
-TAPI biasala i refuse.nurse mana nak admit ward..hehehhe...i request rest at home n just apply home treatment (cold compress ) je..tgk if its better or nope..:)

Thanks mak walid friends ER PCMC and mye..really appreciate...:)


Wahidah said...

alahai ...syg careful taw after this,,,isk3

neverletmego said...

huuhuhuh k i will :)

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