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Monday, January 5, 2009

morning sickness..

hye....last saturday ada first antenatal check up with Dr Seri Suniza,OBS n Gynae..:")...m working that day tapi Ajf datang teman masa appointment ngang dr.
Excited lak Ajf bila tgk masa buat ultrasound..:)..baru first trimester..kecik g baby nye..:)
alhamdulillah ....

start monday ni,badan jadi lemah.
asek rasa nausea..banyak vitamin makan tapi makan kurang..
g toilet plak kerap..tapi kurang minum air..
lapar tapi bila makan rasa nak vomit..
sian AJf..:(
berat badan dah kurang :(..camni..:((
makan buah n hot choc n yogurt je ble skrg ni..:(

sorry to all my friends tak sempat nak buat tag..
nak mengadap pc lelama pun rasa nak vomit..


n a d e a said...

congratulation dear..
wah da nk jd mommy nih..

take care ok..

Wahidah said...

kewl kay...mula2 mmg la mcm tu

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