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Friday, January 2, 2009


sesape tahu di mana nak dapatkan cupcakes for engagement ..
plzzzzzzzzzzz............urgent ....


-Nadya- said...

hye nadia..u nk cr cup cakes fr engagement kan..u try dis blog..cup cakes dia cantik2 jugak..


take care.bye.

neverletmego said...

thank you ..memang cantik2.:)

-Nadya- said...

u nk area png kew or kl?if kl banyak..area png limited sket..

natra said...

try ni nadia..http://cupkays.blogspot.com/

~tHe tRU cOloRs oF 'atiQahadnAn'~ said...

dearie nadia~
saya tau ada sorang kakak ni sangat sedap cakes dea.. cupcaks pun cute saje.. just call her anna0132336336 http://dalissacuppacake.blogspot.com

NoRLi said...

wat tag la if xbz ye..
lamer dah x jumpa..windu..

lynn said...

nadia...opizmate akk de wat cupcake...pi le tgk kat blog die...http://mamabakers.blogspot.com/

neverletmego said...

to nadya-kalau kat penang ok gak..ada tak?
kat kl area mana nad tahu..

to all..thank u..
kalau ble nad nak tahu kedai cupcakes,takmau order tru mail..tq

Biel said...

try la cupcakes chic kat the the curve.btol2 dpn ikea..each cuppiec RM4.50.

Biel said...

btw..sape engage??

-Nadya- said...

Nadia..u nk cupcakes area in penang u try dis page:


die ada bg hp no so u leh call then ask dimana locationnya..i pun x prnah kol lagii..i pun nk order jugakk..

take care girl!

neverletmego said...

thanks biela.:)..my sister nak engage :)

thanks nadia.really appreciate.
nad tak sihat la..morning sickness asek muntah je..:(

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