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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

wedding cousin

Last weekend ajf rania n me balik my hometown at Kulim kedah .wedding my cousin,sis nana at alor setar .Straight balik to alor setar ,i tak dapat pegi solemnisation sis nana on friday .
But its ok t least i dapat balik for her wedding kan?
banyak pic but tak sempat nak upload .nanti i upload g pic wedding ..

solemnisation = brown bolor ( ye ke?)
kenduri girl's side = green
majlis bertandang = blue

alhamdulillah sekali lafaz je sis nana sah jadi milik abd Din.WIsh u happiness sis ..(",)
Ramai my friends nak tgk pic rania kan?( ke tak ?heheh )
Nanti i ada masa i upload g k pic rania....

rania in Green ( ikut theme )

Ajf n me ( love him ) ~me with sis nana..

lepas kenduri we all balik kulim,umah mak then sunday g sg Petani for majlis bertandang..
Alhamdulillah dapt jenguk mak tok i a.k.a nenek moyang rania ,love u mak tok...miss u so much

Thursday, December 17, 2009

love like this

jiwang moood.yes i am..
hubby :main badminton @ TTDI hall
baby rania :sleep..zzzZZZ
me:???layan fb and jenguk blog friends smbil dgr mp3.
love like this -natasha bedingfield feat sean kingston-my old ringtones
aku dan dirimu-ari lasoo n bunga citra lestari-ermm
tetibe teringat seseorang..
apa khabar dia ek?sihat ke???


huh luruh jantung..dapat short email from my AJf pun ,hati cair..
macam zaman bercinta dulu pula.

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 11:53 AM, Jazeel Johari wrote:

I love you my business minded, beautiful and gorgeous wife of mine! :)

love you!

aish..rindu nye .:P

sile muntah ..

Tension headache ..

Past few days ni kerap i kena headache .well dulu if headache makan ponstan or synflex mesti insyALLah ok .But now even makan ubat painkiller paling strong pun tak boleh.sekarng to often.Even on - off tapi once dia datang huh...sakit nye ALLAH je tahu..Before this banyak mc n tido bout headache tak baik2..nak kata bout terlanggar kereta wai dulu mustahil??so today i buat keputusan nak do further treatment n investigation.So went to hospital ( hukhuk uk im working there ) n do check up n CT Scan -brain.First time buat ,selalu nye just antar patients but today me myself yang buat..Then..the report is normal..-No Abnormality detected!!alhamdulillah
yahoo..happy skit but yet -still sakit kepala..ermm..my dr diagnose me as -Tension Headache .

To all jangan salah sangka ,tension headache bukan means that im stress a.k.a tension or pape je kemungkinan...(",)

Tension headache is may appear periodically ("acute ," less than 15 days per month) or daily ("chronic," more than 15 days per month). Acute tension headache may be described as a mild to moderate constant band-like pain, tightness, or pressure around the forehead or back of the head and neck.So my case is more to acute tension headache .

What Causes Tension Headaches?
There is no single cause for tension headaches. In some people like me , tension headaches are caused by tightened muscles in the back of the neck and scalp. This muscle tension may be caused by:

Inadequate rest - yeah me
Poor posture- erm..me
Emotional or mental stress-???not sure .i dont think so
Fatigue -yes ,everday .
Hunger -??maybe

Tension headaches are usually triggered by some type of environmental or internal stress. The most common sources of stress include family, social relationships, friends, work, and school. Examples of stressors include:
Having problems at home/difficult family life
Having a new child
Having no close friends
Returning to school or training; preparing for tests or exams
Going on a vacation -yup.but no stres .
Starting a new job
Losing a job
Deadlines at work
Competing in sports or other activities
Being a perfectionist
Not getting enough
Being over-extended (involved in too many activities/organizations)
Episodic tension headaches are usually triggered by an isolated stressful situation or a build-up of stress.
Daily stress can lead to chronic tension headaches.

the pain on my head feels like im wearing a very tight rania's head band. hehe and sometimes the pain is like a squeeze or a pressure on head.
I jadi muak makan all kind of chemical drugs..huh but what to do.??erm sakit sgt ,need rest n holiday ..huh..
yey holiday.....here i come!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

pre -end 2009

Sejak ramai org tahu bout blog ni,rasa takut n susah hati je nak tulis bout my life.bukan ape,takut ntha..takut sebarang perkataan ulasan yang i tulis akan dipertikaikan n tidak dipersetujui .RIGHT?ermmm..2009 ni banyak benda yang berlaku ,pahit manis sedey duka but life is life ,u kena get through it ,mahu tak mahu u have to face it!!!
KEy point - sanggup ke?tough ke? kite nak handle everythings..
Salah ku terlalu ambil berat n jaga n tumpukan perhatian pada familyku?husband ku n baby girl ku ?salah ke?
salah ke aku tak dapat luangkan masa dgn my friends..???
im working,tak same ngan org lain,org lain keje weekdays ,cuti weekend....i??keje weekdays n weekend...orang laincuti 2 hari?i cuti sehari..my ajf n me tak same cuti .we all have to schedule n plan every month to be together.i keje shift orang lain keje 9-5 ...salah ke aku ?

im not regret ..im proud to be ME..to be nurse..but sometimes Orang lain tak faham...itu je..
n im SO HAPPY...my life = alhamdulillah lengkap with my hubby ,rania ,family ,friends,job,n etc............

Ya ALLAH swt je tahu isi hati ku..

to all my friends yang alwaz support me phsicaly n mentally..i love u guys so much!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

mitsuki's engagement day

congratulations to my dear friend-mitsuki.
happy n terharu tgk ur pics in fb darling..touching u looks so beautiful!!
m sad cant make it to ur engagement's day
biar pape pun yang awak fikir,marah ,sakit hati tapi me disini tetap du'a for ur happiness..(",)..
tak pernah sikit pun nak cakap bad things bout u n will always remember ,n u always be my bff ..
10 years friendship - Please remember me(hope u still keep that poem i gave to u )
sorry amik ur pic kat fb

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rania's 2nd immunization n check -up

yesterday 12th dec 2009 ,we went to PCMC ,appointment with Paeds Rania ,Dr Anthony.
Well before g sana ,i siap breastfeeding rania n bottle feeding kan dia..:(...so that nanti time jumpe dr, rania tak nangis..Alhamdulillah rania looks so cool..baba dia pula yang panic.heeheeDr said rania ok chubby sket kot but her weight n height ok.
Weight - 6.6 kg
Height - 64 cm

.Rania tak nangis when needle masuk to her cute n gomok thigh but when dr push je medication,she started to cry,poor little sweety pie mommy ..after a few second rania diam..huh that s it??ouch alhamdulillah tough baby mommy..,muahks..love u sweet heart ...

Now she loikes n enjoy playing with her small face towel - playing pee ka boo with mommy n baba..n always show her 'curious face' and likes to observe people n things especially in bright color.

Rania suke juga main dgn her saliva n the new thing is -2 days ago when ajf n i had our lunch,Rania try nak grab mushroom dalam ajf's plate !!ape maksud dia ek?well Rania's paeds told that is signs show that we can start giving her solid food.well...informations in INternet ,book,n masa i belajar dulu ,start when baby is 6 months old.but now rania is only 4 months ++++ so should i give or just wait till 6 months?

any advice mommmy???

Monday, December 7, 2009

Chinese Wedding

Last Saturday ,AJf n i ada wedding invitation at Grand Dorsett Subang ,his chinese friend,Gary & Cindy.be frank,this is my first time attend chinese wedding.wow..best sgt ,YES of course ada wine n beer(oops ---) but no protocol at all,,very the'family' time hehe enjoy sgt..

But tak boleh bawa rania ,,if family;s wedding boleh la bawa kan..sian rania..tgh titon n tgh kena tinggal ..

Back to the story , maksud i takde protocol is like not formal la..Macam wedding org melayu yang pernah kite pergi terutama nye wedding i la..wedding i kat kedah tghahri so takla formal ,People come and go ,relax mode.Masa reception kat Kl pun simple tapi still tgu vvip n vip,,...Example like chinese wedding meja vip is bridegrooms, grandmother close uncle aunt pendek kata all bridegroom's close family ,datuk datin puan sri tan sri all different table..But malay weddings utamakan orang luar ..well maybe for show respests but bukan family come first ke?
well lain org lain pendapat ..yang penting for my wedding-i happy sgt!!!
me n ajf with bridegroom and friends..

me n ajf love u syg....


simple,grand n fabulous wedding..full gile makan sampai 8 course.tu je la- agak membazir kot bile datang bab makan..serve with chinese tea and soft drinks...well pape pun masing2 ada agenda sendiri.(",)..just want to share my experience g chinese wedding.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hari Raya Aidiladha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha...hye lama nye tak ber'blog' .busy juga .but bukan sebab busy i tak update tapi sebab perkataan 'MALAS" hehe ..sejak ada baby n suami ni ada je keje ..well im still leaRning to manage well my life ,works ,my BABY n HUBBY..
Pagi raya i kena keje ..so this raya my family came raya @Kl..yeho..best sgt walaupun tak se best raya di YAn,(my village ) but ada parents n siblings..ok sgt..
malam Raya tu we all buat BBQ - kambing and ayam .Thanks to mak n my hubby,walid, othman,mustafa tukang bakar .hehe

Rania..rania my sweetheart=- dia dah kenal org,dgr suara maktok n bibi2 dia je kat fhone terus diam n try nak cakap (baby talk)..bile jumpe dia tgk je muka diaorg..:) clever baby mommy..muahks i love u ..Now she loikes n easy to smiles ...like her mommy :P..bluek sile muntah..
Then funny nye rania ni macam org tua ,padahal baru je 4 months,Masa i tgk magazine ,rania pun tgk juga ..huhu sibuk anak mommy nak baca .bile mommy tutup magazine dia menangis -merengek..after few seconds main with her fingers lak(lupa la tu bout magazine) baru i notice she likes to see things with bright color!!!

konon-konon tengah meniarap la..padahal.heeh hanya my family n me je tahu rahsia rania.hehe

p/s - To my good buddy and ex-housemate ..nad sayang sangat kat u,jaga diri,nanti free datang umah k?tthen kite boleh kuar g mall with baby rania k?takecare-jangan sedey2 ingat apa yang jadi ada hikmah nye..

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Wan Rania AJF ..Last night AJf ajak i n rania huhu g dinner @ pizza hut with his sister ,Princess intan n Naim..Nazrin tido lak..Rania tido je ..tak bangun langsung ,macammana bising pun she still sleep.anak mommy comel ni ( sape g nak puji anak kalau mommy nye sendiri haha )..
Baba n mama in law i g haji,bertolak awal oct lalu,sedih sgt....Nak bawa berdua g watch movie ,ada baby rania --susah ..lamanye tak tgk movie berdua...(mood gatal )..
Kebetulan masa ambil both of them ,mama n baba in law(BIL & MIL ) call from Makkah,terubat rindu .SUara BIL n MIL happy sgt ,MIL i sempat g cerita n describe makkah n madinah..cite bout their journey .Best nye Baba,jealous nye ....nak pegi juga..Niat hati nak bawa mak n walid g sama ngan i with AJF..insyALLAH mintak2 di makbulkan ALLAH swt..
n then baba ada cakap bout 'something' hmm betul gak,my parents dah bagi green light ,MIL BIL n UMMI in Law pun dah bagi greenlight.AJF -org penting pun dah bagi GREENLIGHT..
Tapi boleh ke i ??ermm selawat n tawakal la..usaha ..
Baba n mama ,we miss both of u so much ,Happy dapat dengar suara baba n mama happy.!!!Thanks sebab sayang nadia macam anak sendiri n Thanks a lot sebab sayang n ambil berat bout Rania...
* Tak sabar juga tunggu walid mak,kakak,kak ina ,othman Raya haji di KL...cepat la mai..ajf nadia n RANIA tunggu ni..
( sorry quality pic tak cantik ,from camera fhone )

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

with mama-mama cun??

Today i kerje afternoon shift until 9pm.Oleh kerana kereta dihantar ke mechanic ,AJF sent i g keje.Dah 3 bulan rania tapi tak pernah g i bawa untuk menunjuk nunjuk baby rania di tempat keje Ye la,susah tambah - tambahan tempat keje i tu terlalu 'open ' untuk org luar .n then famous with H1N1 case.
Tapi sejak semalam n today ,i memberanikan bawa rania masuk n taraaaa..kenalkan rania to my friends...happy sangat berebut2 semua nak dukung rania.this is what we call 'family' n 'team work '- ???ye ke?haha tak sesuai.

-mommy cu ( sis ROs) n Mama Mimi ( sis salmi pregnant - so sweet )-

-mama mimi & mommy cu & mama daania ( sis sydah )-

~thanks kakak ku sudi sayang Rania ,really appreciate ~

Monday, November 16, 2009

15th November 2008

Happy Wedding Anniversary sayang

Ramai my friends tanya macam mane i kenal ngan AJf ..pelik juga umur lain ( jauh beza) i tinggal cheras Ajf pj ...i asal kedah ajf asal KL...i nurse ajf business man ,..Tapi bila dah jodoh g memana pun kalau dia jodoh kite ..Tu la jodoh kite.(",)Biar kite je tahu dimana n cara mana kite kenal.yang pasti cepat je masa berlalu.
Engagement's day - 7th June 2008
wedding's date - 15th November 2008
Banyak kenangan manis n pahit ..susah senang ,
Orang nampak mudah tapi tak de org tahu hanya me ajf n ALLAH swt je tahu.
Amin ,akhirnye dapat harungi semua nye ,dengan berkat du'a mak walid family ummi n baba ...thanks to all uncle and aunt..friends ,..i love u all..
Sayang ajf ,,,Thank You sudi terima i as ur wife as ur partner ,mother to ur daughter ,WAN RANIA ,as ur best friend ,gurlfriend....Even i tahu i ni macam budak2 suka menyusahkan u suka merajuk ...tapi u sabar juga dengan kerenah i ..Thanks hubby..
Im sorry sepanjang kite kenal ,..1 year as husband n wife -i ada banyak buat u sedih pening risau dengan i..Bimbang sangt i call every 15 minute kalau i kuar seorang..worried bila i drive g keje ( 4 years lebih i tak driving - start drive balik baru2 ni hehe)
i hope u boleh terima i seadanya ,,,sampai akhir hayat u ...terima baik buruk i .....
Jauh lagi perjalanan hidup kite.
What ever happen b ,i love u so much ,,,i miss u every second even u depan mata i ..
Please support i b,....
Every minute of the day
Just with you I wanna stay

Wedding Sister in law - sis amyrah

15th November 2009 ..
Wedding sis ya i tak tolong langsung because tak sempat sebab kerja je n cuti takde,lagipun yesterday (sunday ) pun i keje morning shift sebab nak simpan cuti for wedding cousin i kat alor setar and wedding reception sis amyrah dekat alor setar juga.Hope my boss bagi cuti ( annual leave dah habis-huhuhu) kena amik unpaid leave ke ah??BTw sejak ada baby Rania ni semua tak sempat .Kadang2 ajf pun terlepas pandang..

wedding semalam at DEWAN Merak KAyangan.Gorgeous bride n groom.MUka sis amyrah cam my AJF kan??very nice wedding,with pink n white roses....i loikes (",)

Ajf 's family with bride groom (me with shocking pink + green )macam out je huhuu

Baby Rania with her lovely gown -present from aunt Amyrah .
Thanks aunt..(",)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Latest pic

20 minutes ago - baru je i snap pic ni .Rania tak mau tgk camera cause dia lebih suke jari-jari nye dari benda lain.heuhuhuu sedap ye sayang..
Rania still coughing ,worried ni but still calm down!!
Rania dah 3 months ++ and her weight is 5.8 kg!
- Tak sabar tgu 'mak tok rania ' n her auntys datnag Kl.
13 th nov - wedding my 2nd cousin @ dewan perdana felda
15 th nov - wedding my sis in law @ Dewan perdana merak kayangan
Huh dec ??g banyak wedding .how lo??

Cameron highlands(CH)

last sunday ,i pegi CH with AJF ,baby Rania ,MIL n AL -Saleh .best even penat sikit .(",) Lama i tak pegi CH ,last pegi pun ngan my family before married!hhhuh before this i tak pernah rasa mabuk or pening ke bila naik bukit but now "arghhh' rasa nak termuntah jalan bengkang bengkong (betul ke ayat nye ??biar la) n then huhu sampai CH around 12 noon ,g makan ,pegi Strawbery Park ,Boh plantations . Bharat cameron Plantations...tired rasa sejuk juga but dekat Brinchang n up-up -up .@ tanah Rata dah tak sejuk .Mungkin sebab dah banyak pembangunan apartment n kondominium!!!ermm..habis la tempat peranginan ,mana g i nak bawa Rania nanti bila dia dah besar.???Petang tu juga 4.30 pm we all balik KL ,monday keje lor.Kalau tak kerja dah lama we all stay kat sana...(",)..Thanks b ..happy even sekejap!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

To Anonymous:Volume 2

Salam to u wahai anonymous…oopss sebelum tu to my blogger friends ,sudah lama I tak update my blog bukan kerana merajuk atau terasa hati tapi I baru je baik . sembuh dari fever n sore throat 5 days. Maybe semua tertanya2 kenapa entry ni yang keluar iaitu anonymous volume 2??? Pelik??Well,sebenarnya memang hamba ALLAH swt tu tidak lagi menganggu blog ni dengan menghantar comment.Tapi …di tempat nye sendiri ‘dia’ mengutuk dan mengumpat diri ini dengan rakan-rakan nye.i Tak tergugat or sedey sebab alhamdulilah I ada ALLAH SWT yang tak pernah tinggal menemani i (“,).

U all boleh baca entry sebelum ni ?Arabian n…..bla bla…?

-Motif cerita itu dan terang2 I tulis moral story is to blogger’s friends hati2 dgn taxi driver..takde kena mengena diri ini nak mengangkat diri menyatakan yang I ni lawa ke cantik ke …kalau u menyampah cara I tulis I dah ckap jangan baca..DEMI ALLAH ,selamani I tulis blog bukan untuk memuji diri bukan untuk berlagak.I tak cakap I MIX…i tak suruh n mintak org kata i cantik,cukupla di mata my hubby . U cakap abouT malaysian girlS,i cakap bout muslimah women .KITA MEMANG BERBEZA!! im not trying too hard i just type n post my blog.hehe. I tak post to the whole world yang I ni beautiful 0r 'some thinks im beautiful!!! .I post bout bayaran yang dikenakan oleh taxi driver to org asing!maybe u pandai bahasa org lain sampai lupa bahasa kita.Mungkin taxi driver tu tak sepandai u nak tahu tentang update fashion now sebab tu tak tahu sekrg trend pakai shawl @ selendang!!!So dia ingat semua yang pakai camtu dia kata arab .Org tgk lelaki pakai lab coat pun org kata dia doctor sedangkan ,pharmacist ,org keje lab, pun pakai lab coat!!!so macam mana tu cik anonymous???i Cuma cakap taxi driver ingat I org arab bukan……bla bla..i TAK TULIS---SEMUA ARAB LAWA,PUTIH ,hitam,gemuk KE PA KE..MEMANG la manusia tak pernah bersyukur dengan apa yang ada,apa yang u ada dah cukup banyak.jaga n hargai la.jangan kisahhal org .Kalau tak berpuas hati cakap direct kat I,I pun ada banyak benda nak tanya u.


Betul la kata u tu ---Semua org ada kecantikan tersendiri dalam dan luar.YES itu I setuju dengan u tapi u kena faham kalau setiap entry blog I,setiap yang I buat ,I cakap ,I melihat pun u nak comment..huh penat tu cik anonymous .BF baby Rania lagi enjoy!!(“,)
APE yang I buat ada je tak kena kan?

I ulang ---Blog ni I buat January 2008 ,tercipta blog ni zaman I start keje . kawan blogger semakin bertambah (Thanks yang sudi berkawan) n I rasa I tak paksa they all baca blog I ,so far takdela datang comment yang merapu dulu sehingga la kedatangan u anonymous,Macam org penting gak la u ni kan?heh memang tu niat u nak tarik perhatian org!!! now u rasa tergugat bile ada org lain yang u rasa lebih dari u.Tapi sebnarnya u tak sedar u lebih beruntung!mungkin bukan salah u 100% . BEFORE CAKAP KAT ORG,NASHAT DIRI U learn to appreciate
Banyak benda I nak cakap TAPI ingat one thing I bukan bodoh?i bukan blur.i ada mata n telinga.WATCH out… Wahai Anonymous yang kumuliakan ,yang ku segani wahai yang segalanya kau fikir kau la hebat….i tahu u sape.I TAHU U SAPE .Macam mana I boleh tahu biar ALLAH swt je yang tahu.Its normal ,org teraniaya –insyALLAH dilindungi.


To Ajf – b sayang,jangan tanya I ye sape dia ni untuk kebaikan bersama,biar I,dia n ALLAH swt je tahu.
To Mak – im TOUGH mak but still anak manja mak…mwah mwah..aku pun ada mak la:P
SIApa Yang Makan CILI,Dia yang Terasa Pedas nye!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Arabian or jawa or malaysian?

20th August 2009 genap 2 years im working as a staff nurse kat PCMC ni..Maybe tak se'busy ' GH or UH ..and tak ramai patients yang teruk TETAPI leh kerana paper less,so one patient in ER macam 4 pts in GH ..i guess...sebab all in the system...
Back to my story ....almost 80% patients adalah foreigner ,so banyakla dari US ,UAE ,australia n etc...so kalau yang berbahasa english ok la kan..tapi yang parah bile tourists yang sakit tu datang tak pandai berbahasa english apatah lagi berbahasa melayu..yang tahu nye bahasa arab..waduh ...tu la..bahasa arab bahasa al -quran .menyesal tak belajar dulu./.sekarang dah besar lidah pun dah keras nak cakap n learn..

IN subang ada Cultural language centre but arab takde la pula..ada mandarin ,..Seronok keje ngan kak ROs,,sebab she can talk arab fluently...dulu dia pernah keje di UAE..bertuah badan..
Dok keje ngan arab patients banyak advantages..apa ye???diaorg baik n cantik...( i suke tgk orang cantik--cantik asli tau)..

But sejak last year ,i banyak terjebak dgn budaya arab ni sampaikan sejak kena rompak dulu my hubby suruh i pakai purdah..ada ke?not ready la yang..sorry...
Dulu before delivered i banyak naik taxi..Bila naik taxi je ,semua taxi driver speaking ngan i ..waduih nape gtu ye...One Malaysia so semua kena berbahasa english..aah.lepas naik n jawab je ..diaorang tanya adik org malaysia ke??patut la rupa2 nya diaorg ingat i ni arabian..ala org lain pun pakai shawl juga!!!..advantage dia org tak cakap banyak sgt la ngan i sebab tgk i macam sombong katanya ....BUT Disadvantage nye is ....taxi driver cuba untuk 'pau ' i..huh..
Contoh nye yesterday,..i g KLCC .my hubby antar i di sana.,And after shopping sket ...i nakambil taxi nak pegi keje ..only 15 minutes je ..dekat la sgt..tapi dari jauh la taxi driver ni gamit i ke taxi nye...

taxi driver : where ?

me:????(dalam hati- where ??%$^^? Prince court medical centre...

taxi driver : ok..10 ringgit malaysia( sambil menunjukkan jari sepuluh nye )

me : ape?mahal nye ..saya dop naik selalu rm 3.50 je..pe ni..nak tipu ye

taxi driver : la org melayu ke????

Terus la taxi driver to pergi menjauhkan diri akibat malu..hehhe..
n i pun naik taxi lain yang bermeter...only rm4 ..tinggi skit cause jam org sembahyang jumaat..
\tapi ok what less than rm10..

Moral of the story:-- sian ye tourists banyak kena tipu/./huhuuhu.
Pakcik2 taxi driver jangan la menipu nanti binasa diri,duit tu pun bagi anak isteri makan ...and nanti kalau awak berjalan g tempat org..awak pula yang kena tipu!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Where can i buy a doll??/of course la dekat shopping mall,,,toy r us..BUT kalau ada online blog yang jual doll ,ada tak yang ingin membeli nye???
harga yang berpatutan??sama quality dgn 'Barbie doll" ?


After 4 days working today im off,alhamdulillah Rania happy -i guess cause boleh spend time with mommy hehehe..tapi baba pulak working.its ok memang kena keje..this weekend mommy rania kena keje..Sejak dapat title mommy ni,my hubby realize yang i dah jadi cam 'singa betina ' --really ke syg?sampai camtu sekali ..yela singa ,kucing semua haiwan di dunia ni will take care anak kan????m i right?
Sejak my mak balik kedah ,Ajf n i quite sibuk ,dgn masing bekerja ,dgn baby Rania-bukan merungut tapi life changes..total change.huh happy tired ...nasib baik rania well behaved..
Oleh kerana maid nak balik ke indon for 3 weeks,ajf n i harus fikir dimana nak letak rania..huh nursery ??nope ..not now .ye la rania still small.takut sgt ...thanks to ALLAH ada 'ummi amatanlelah' ,my aunty a.k.a cousin my mak yang stay kat bandar sunway,'ummi amatan' pun jaga cucu baby boy Farouk (sgt comel - age 6 months ) so dia offer to jaga rania juga sejak raya lepas lagi..alhamdulillah...baru lega nak bekerja!!!..settle one bab..

LAst weekend sibuk sgt ,masa g jejalan with my parents,g beli kain pasang for wedding my sister in law nov n wedding my cousin DEc..hadus banyak nye wedding..wedding my schoolmate siti aishah kat kulim pun in dec,.macamne nak pegi ni..hum..biarla ALLAH yang aturkan..cukup la pe yang i aturka..kalau jadi,jadi la..
Minggu ni pun dah busy even tak sampai weekend tapi activities dah menunggu sampai la next next weekend.....huh...

Bile tgk bebudak kat kenduri tunang my sis in law aritu,,terberangan bout rania..bila besar ,she will be like her baba or mommy..umi in law i cakap ajf sangat la baik budak nye-ummi's boy la katakan -....kalau ikut mommy??/huhu mak pun cakap i ni good girl CUMA i ni suka 'mengemas'...hehe ada ke masa kecik ,maybe 3,4 years ..parents i tercari2 kunci umah ..semua tempat takde..sampaikan kena panggil tukang kunci ..cari2 tak pernah jumpe...tanya semua org tak tahu...termasuk la tanya i..last2..after a few days,masa my mak buka peti ais,jumpe one 'tupperware' n bila buka ..hahaha ada kunci umah..tak lain tak bukan keja i..heheh tu la rajin sgt 'mengemas' sampaikan simpan kunci dalam peti ais..

hope rania tak la serajin mommy ye rania..
sejuk tgk Rania tido ....Dia mengada2 skit tadi tak mau tido ..nak manja manja ngan mommy la tu..
seronok dia main toys kat baby mat yang baba belikan tu...
eRM..BOSAN LA duduk sorang..ajf balik lambat ,rania tido..
tgk movie ??astro dah membosankan..
layan dvd la..'LAbor PAins- Lindsay LOhan"..macam interesting...memory dulu ..huhuhu..dulu labor pains dapat la si kecik bawah ni..huhu
baby Rania

~credit to my kakak~

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rania's baby seat

At first takut juga rania cry ,tak nak duduk baby seat ,ye la mostly baby tak suke duduk kan?but Rania..huhu..she loikes..thanks baba n mommy rania...

~mommy miss 'mak tok".rania miss tak??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rania's sweetheart

Kebosanan melanda,lama tak menulis .sejak keje ni asyik tak larat je nak menaip..
Banyak benda nak share but keadaan masa tak mengizinkan..
PIcture atas ni diambil oleh myAjf 's couz-Raja su..tq darling..beautiful -masa g jemputan hari raya rumah n Hi-Tea UNcle Rahman n aunty shydah...at Bukit Jelutong,bawa my lovely mother and our helper.BTw sian my mom i keje everyday tak sempat bawa mak jejalan..huks..sunday ni k syg mak..insyallah..

* miss my ajf ...dia g Kota Kinabalu ..warghh..titon dgn rania je tonight..!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rania's Friend

~ Wan Rania & Aleeya afsheen~

*Bile la nak jumpe aunty ida n edrez handsome ni..huks..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby Rania with mommy's friend

Thank you gurls sudi datang visit rania n me..sorry mood raya still ada but takde makanan raya pulak..jamu u all makan.......tu je..
~aunty jajah n aunty teah ~

Saje gatal letak pic ni ,masa raya ke ??berapa ntah..di KL..

Sian baby rania kena tinggal dgn mommy n baba..:(..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 months injectionzzzz

Today i keje petang so setup appointment with paeds at 11am @ Prince Court Medical Centre.alhamdulillah everythings fine...

2 months old
weight - 5.2 kg

princess mommy dah naik badan from 4.1 kg to 5.2 kg...yehoo...
Rania nangis cket dari before jumpe doctor g cause hungry ...(",)..
so next check up is 19th december.

Tak sempat snap pic sebab in hurry

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rania n 'Subang Park"

Lama sangat rasanya tak log in facebook n update blog.busy baru start keje ,dgn kena tinggal rania..:(....dengan my mom n bibik darma -yang tolong i jaga rania. (",)..dengan nak siapkan pakaian ,makanan my AJF..hhuuhuhu..ye la dah lama i jauh ngan AJf..ramai sangat patients sekarang kat my hospital,,,huh penat ,susah nak balik ontime .kesian rania sayang..takpe sayang ,sabar k...

Last thursday ,after work ...my walid,akak ,kak ina n my bro -othman datang from kedah,kulim...huhu syok sgt..walid siap bawa ketupat daun palas yang dibelinye..tak jejalan mana sgt sebab kena keje weekend. Just pegi raya rumah family parents i n familt AJF ...

Rania with tok walid..huhu sayang rania ,masa bawa rania g park.subang dekat my house..best dia tak buat perangai

My family with baby Rania jalan2 kat park shah alam last saturday .i tak ikut sebab keje ..huh---

my lil princess Rania..
Rania dah besar ,sihat alhamdulillah. esok nak bawa rania g checkup n for her 2 months injection.Hope rania tak nangis..


Assalamualaikum...first of all i @ me @ aku @ saya nak say tq la sesangat sudi comment my writing,comment my sentences,words,....n sudi visit my blog.Dari KL ke selangor,dari topik my writing,my english...as i told YOU earlier ,i write this blog for me,for me for me..n family...if u honest nak tegur n comment ,u dah gtau n tulis ur real name ..if u betul2 ikhlas la..but u dont ..i dont know u n im not interested to know who u are..u cant judge me!!!!im happy with my blog n dont need ur comment..i tak masuk exam..its up to me to write 'I" or 'ME' or anything...without s or with s...please if u like my blog,please stay..if u dont,u can go...i tak paksa u read my blog pun!!!..apa i tulis ada je yang tak kena.n pasal u i have to private my blog .al;hamdulillah i already have 74 followers n insyALLAH akan bertambah dari masa ke semasa..sebab i tak de niat buruk menulis blog n nak menambah friends..



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to KL..

Princess Rania well behave bile travel -rania masuk kereta je tido nyenyak.Alhamdulillah anak mommy -good girl..rania tido on the way back to Kl last friday..

Me bring my parents n rania jumpe my in laws..
'tokma' AJf n his Mama

My parents in law..



Jadual raya this year agak padat .stayed at my mom's kg until 3 hari raya,then ada kenduri engagement my cousin ,balik my home - huhu g dating nga mr Ajf -tgk movie ,friday raya ke 6 kena balik to kl - nak settle many thing kat sana..so tak dapat la buat open house to my friends kat kedah,,Ramai yang call n sms tanya me n rania ada at home or not..sorry guys..:(...
yang sempat jumpe natra ,dalila ,ainul n anis je..InsyALlah nanti kalau ada masa ,me buat open house at kl..tu pun tak janji cause 1st oct dah start keje..hush....Natra n dalila datang rumah me at subang ,last nite .thanks darling..sorry ada kueh raya je gurls..maklumla tak raya sini.hehe

Ada bakat je natra .:) jaga baby

Anis shobirin- mommy kacau rania tido..

Ainul mardhiya- erm rindu dia lama takjumpe..masa wedding pun dia tak dpt dtg cause ada exam..

Thanks dear friends...

Syawal 1430 H/2009

MY first Raya as wifey n mommy..puasa 6 hari je tapi raya nye melebih2..(",)..
Bnayak juga food yang i pantang cause baru je lepas confinement kan?first raya ,me raya kat kg side my mak...best sgt sebab last year i tak dapat cuti raya,tahun ni alhamdulillah still cuti 2 months .dapat raya dgn my Ajf ,rania ..

Raya ketiga ,my cousin engage @ alor setar ...theme - pink..
insyALLAH aqad nikah will be in december this year..u look so beautiful sis,cantik makeup dia -so natural..

my SMall family n so 'brand new'.jazeel -nadia- rania

MY BIG FAMILY - love u all so much..


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salam 'Eid Ul Fitr'

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin
to all my blogger's friends and FRiends

From AJF , Nadia & Baby Rania

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rania with her Hallmark pacifier

yesterday noon baru sampai Hallmark pacifier rania...well alhamdulillah ...yang ini rania suke..(",)...good start ...yesterday lama juga mommy tinggal rania,morning pegi buat urusan bank,about 2 hours tinggal baby rania..n 5pm keluar with my sis (sis ina ) g parkson -shopping baju raya Rania ..hehhe i likes -huh mata keranjang ( betul ke ni)hehh mommy rania...hush..
then buka puasa @ rasa Mas...9.30pm baru smpai umah..
ok...start nak ajar rania without me,arghh kena kerja lak...btw tinggal rania 2 jam -call my mak 2 kali..nanti keje 7 hours -call 7 kali? kesian maid nanti.tu tak campur baba rania call..heheheh
(",)- gEram tgk baby poney sale semalam..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

chicken chop..

Kemalasan yang melanda diriku ini.............Chicken chop homemade ,dinner for my father.(",).
semua nye pakai letak..Gravy nye..??resepi ?//google je..ihik..

p's= ye haa petang ni nak g mall..jom !!!

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