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Sunday, December 7, 2008

wedding in kedah


chupAchuPs said...

wah wah wah.
awk awk.
namep kitep same la.

♥.misz luna.™ said...

pic suem chantek2..

sape yg snap sume pic ni sis?
terer la owg tu..


neverletmego said...

chupachups- oh really?same name?

misz luna- thanks darling..photographer org kedah tapi stay in kl..:)ok la..harga pun not bad la.;;)

~tHe tRU cOloRs oF 'atiQahadnAn'~ said...

sis.. white pink sweet combination.. hee~ u're so beautiful.. hee saya nak cantik juga masa kahwin nty.. :D

♥.misz luna.™ said...


bbaloi la tu..

pic yg die snap lawa..

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