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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

things to settle..

stress..tension..dengan JCI..macam nak ikthisas lak kalah OSCE dulu..
ermm.many things kna sett;le..

  1. Ambil IC @ JPN Shah Alam
  2. Buat new lesen kereta(yang kna rompak)
  3. hantar my wedding dress g dry cleaning..
  4. g Maxis Centre ,take my new simcard..


Biel said...

sabar2 ekk..
nad, i dh add u kt frenster..tp u x approve pun..
i gn nickname 'nax'

Wahidah said...

perlahan2 la kayuhh

♥.misz luna.™ said...

xpe slow2 wat..

lek2 sudeh..

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