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Friday, December 5, 2008

More Pics.:)


Biel said...

nk tya..u amik pakej kat pusat andaman patimah kn?
berape ek??

n a d e a said...

cantek nye die

neverletmego said...

hye..thanks biela..:) i dah approve u kat my fs..
neway aah i amik kat andaman patimah ..tapi bukan package.
i tk amik package pun,i buat baju baru jadi takde dlm package.,
try la g..best sgt.:)

neverletmego said...

thanks nadea..:)

♥.misz luna.™ said...

tomey, chun n chantek la sis..


anggun g2..
congrat sis..

Wahidah said...

alahai sweet n comeynyaaa...

Biel said...

ive been thinking nk amik pakej..
dlm 2100 kn??
very nice la bju2 dorg..
juz now met ur sis in law kt nichii alamanda..

neverletmego said...

oow really.jumpe kak ya ye?
try la..kak sry from andaman patimah sangat best

thejijie said...

akak dah kahwen ekk??

Biel said...

one thing nk tya..
ur make up masa reception kt k.l, u amik mak andam mane ekk??
lawa sgt2 mekap dia..
much2 better than andaman patimah tau..i ske sgt!
pls3..share the secret with me..

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