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Monday, December 1, 2008

wedding photographer..:)

to all couples ,plan to gt marry soon...try la photographer ni..
harga berpatutan...nice shot..:)..try la..
nadia promote ni..:P

Ladies & Gentleman,

Introducing the latest in quality photography to suit that special event of yours. PesonaImage, your "friend in photography" houses photographers, or how we'd like to refer ourselves as, pesonagraphers, for various events, ranging from weddings to engagements, birthdays to family photos, company dinners to launches and commercial shoots. Basically, to put it in a more cliché term, your-one-stop-shop for photography. Visit us now at http://www.pesonaimage.com/...and we'll let the pictures do the talking.

If you're interested to engage us for your next event, drop us a line or two at contact@pesonaimage.com...or sms to 019-399 5655.

Till then, have a nice day…!

PesonaImage Team


Nini Marini said...

kak nad..
miss akak tau,sebelum akak kawin tu tetiap ari dtg sini tapi takde ape2..
anyway,tahniah akak..smg dikurniakan berkah, mahabbah wa rahmah dalam rumah tangga yg dibina..
bestnye dah kawin kan,setiap amalan dah jadi double ganjarannya dari Allah..
take care kak! miss u!

huhu,nini lambat lagila nak kawin.pass promotion tu kat org len dulu.=p

Muhammad Maherilham Alias said...

yup2....semoga berbahagia sehingga ke anak cucu!! saya sokong blog ni bertahan juga sehingga ke anak cucu....

neverletmego said...

hye nini .miss u too dear,,
sorry sis lambat skit upload n update..busy keje n jadi wifey ..:)

neverletmego said...

amin..ank cucu n ke hujung hayat..amin..:
thnaks ya muhammad maherilham alias.

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