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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pre -wedding updates

Tarikh Perkahwinan : 15th November 2008 / 22th november 2008
Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin: In process
Kursus Kahwin: Success
Budget Perkawinan : ???
Baju Nikah: Done-23th Oct siap
Baju Sanding: Done...:)
Baju Bertandang: not yet..???argh..
Pengapit : My lovely couz,Syafikah
Konsep : Simple / Garden weddng
Warna Tema : white+pink / silver+white
Wedding Ring (Me & Him): done only for AJF..blum
Henna Service: :),done my couz
Bunga Pahar: Done
Bilik Pengantin : decorate by my 'bonda manis'.
Venue: Home sweet home / Felda Villa
Catering: Done
Photographer /videographer : my site -
Not yet(terlalu banyak choice)
Ajf's site - Done
Khemah : Done
Wedding Invitation Card: In process..:)
Wedding Guests List : Done
Wedding Favors: bonda n walid
Hantarans: Done .
Honeymoon: :)
House to stay after married:Subang:)


D'Panther Nurul said...

wah nad..tak lama lagi tu..dup..dap..dup..dap!! :-)

miSsNiLfa said...

amboi la...smgtnya..hehehhe

Wahidah said...

gud luck 4 everything...:)

neverletmego said...

tu t..dah dup dap dup ne.;P

neverletmego said...

tq wai..ko dtg tak kulim?

D'Panther Nurul said...

nad..baru terperasan la bahawasenyer tema kita sama.. pink + white. ahak2!! :-)

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