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Monday, October 27, 2008

Lina's wedding..:) - sister in law :)


ajfj said...

thank you sayang, for helping out lina's wedding. It wouldnt be the same without you. Love you!

neverletmego said...

:)...ok deAR...NO PROBLEMO.:)

Wahidah said...

ala sweetnya ur sis in law kawen....tk per tk lama lg ko plak syg..hehehe

neverletmego said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
neverletmego said...

tq gurl..insyallah ..mudah2mudahan semuanya berjalan dgn lancar

D'Panther Nurul said...

nad..seharusnyer nad pun berdebarkan.. bila nak2 dekat kahwin ni..then tgk pulak orang lain kahwin..kita pulak yg rasa berdebarkan..kan..kan.. hehe..

neverletmego said...

aah kak..sgt..erm..:(..
seram sejuk je bila tgk akad nikah..
dgr khutbah nikah pun dah seram darl..

Biel said...

im nabilah..kawan ur sis-in-law, amyrah..
dlu i slalu tumpang rmh AJF's mom kat subang tu..
kdg2 terserempak gk dgn ur fiance...
he's a very nice guy.u r so lucky to have a future hubby like him..
praying 4 ur happiness..n u too..
even tho' x pnh jumpe... but i think u r a very nice gurl too dear..
the way u look..
and plus... im a kedahan too!!! hehe..go go kedahan..
p/s: ur fren, nur aida..1 department je dgn i..huhu

neverletmego said...

to nabilah -->,tq dear:)..hope we can meet up ssoooon..:)
insyallah...hope wedding i smooth..du'a kan la yer..:)
u kna jumpe i dulu baru ble judge i k .?
gogogo..kedahan gurl rocks..:)

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