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Friday, September 26, 2008

Wishing ang HOping...Ally mcbeal N me.:)

'sharifah Nadia Al-Sagoff tgh melayan Barry White dance in Ally Mcbeal-Title og da song is...u re the first,my last ,my everything..:)

ALLY McBEAL..famous in 1997 @ NTV7.never ever missed that series..lately ni..rasa cam im goin to be like her lak..i always dream n imagine that i was her..:)..heheheh crazy nut..
not pscyco but .haahha..sesape yang pnah layan series dia tahu la how..ada sama tak kiteorg..memang different la.
but body(THiny little girl)-well i m not short like her nway.,, n kuat ber'imaginasi'..same.

Like today,rasa geram kat "SESEORG " ni ....n tgk je dia ..n rasa cam g tumbuk2 n gigit tangan dia..tapi reality is i still kat my chair depan pc ggit jari..huhu..watevur...rasa puas sgt...

'AKU Gelong!!"


zamz said...

emm kalau ally mcbeal tu pakai tudung sama kot hehe

neverletmego said...

ye ek?agaknye la..:)

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