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Sunday, September 7, 2008


-am shift,went back home late...taxi tkde.:(
- pt ramai,.n tahu nak marah nurse je....:((
-titon...then siap nak berbuka ngn AJf,terlambat...janji ngn AJf b4 5pm tapi terlambat..:((
(bad day anyway)
-berbuka puasa @ secret Recipe..:((x de selera..
-solat ...kereta AJf kena block ngan another car...:(tgu AJf's fwen.eddie amik n g minum2..

-cit chat ngan wife Eddie,Ida bout baby..hehhe:)..Ida prgnant 2months
-then teman AJf main indoor game...i layan DVD with ida.
---> bad day + okla...:)

-sad day....dapat call from my wedding planner(not really wedding planner-peng'spoilt' -i guess)..:((...bout my baju..argh.sedey
-tgu AJf ,berbuka puasa...
-g keje..nite shift
----> sad sad sad day.....:(

-AJf demam...slightly fever.
-g pertama kompleks ,cari n tempah my wedding card..:)
-nak berbuka ..tapi restaurant ITU tutup..so berbuka ngna fast food je.burger king..alhamdulillah dapat gak berbuka..:)kan
-then g solat n g keje..:(
---> happy.:)

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