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Friday, September 26, 2008


-training:-huhu to be a good mother?

-my roomate time study dulu..mie montel.mis her so much-

huh..pejam celik pejam celik ,g 4 hari je nak raya..akhi2 bln ramadhan banyak la activity yang dipenuhi..busy..sgt...dgn puasa,iftar,raya,wedding,friends,ermm..me??dah jadi cam robot ni...kurg rest...pepepun even tired but im happy :)..tomorow nite ummi Ajf akan berangkat ke egypt.Dah la tak dapt raya with family,ummi Ajf plak beraya @ sana..
many things happen this week.

- berbuka with AJf's fwen.
-shopping sme stuff for raya n my wedding
-my wedding card dah siap.tgu printing..(i noe im late)
-n paling best dapat berbuka puasa with my sccooolmate a.k.a best buddy..:)
mye-anis-moon-dla-beto,,--->tapi plg tak best ata tak dpt join..:(
-Neway waitin for dla to upload oyr pic..ahaks...cant wait.:).cpt la dla

-Dia gila camera,aku gila???

-ini kami-


dearest ata said...

hukhuk..sedih sgt xdpt join..papepun aku nk minta maaf kat korg k..sowi 1000x..xdpt nk luangkan masa..n plus aku demam =(
nwy, pics ada kat dla??? aiiii..mana dla ni..xupload2 lg..aku nk tgk ni... =)

.t e n t a n g.n a n i e . said...


cun la selendang strip yg nad pkai tu..


neverletmego said...

takpe..neway ko dmam kan ata ? nanti jumpe masa wedding aku k..insyallah..

neverletmego said...

heeh nanie.thanx.murah je.

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