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Monday, August 25, 2008


At last dapat gak makan fries...:)..setelah sepurnama mengidam..:p

habis je duty shift petang,AJf tgu i dekat 30 minute..sian dia kan?/
erm..then trus g mid valley...:)...beli ticket cinema Wall'e ..then g dinner kt MC'd..
sian AJff..kempunan makan cheese n bread,..cheese___yg dia beli masa my MINI Date(entry Sunday, August 17, 2008) ..tapi last2 Ummi kesayangan nya g umah n amik cheese ," katanya takut kalau2 expired date" hehehehe..funny kan..takpe AJf nanti kite beli lain k..
then 11.20 pm tgk movie..best sgt:)..
pastu..balik umah..n zZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


intan zura said...

best ke nad citer wall e tu?
macam ngarut je...

neverletmego said...

best gak..huhu..sebab tgk ngan AJf.
best sebab it show us that even robot pun ada feelings..inikan manusia zaman ni tak tahu..:((

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