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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Nothing much to tell you guys, just that nak update my activities on sunday n monday

- backd from work..zbooOooom terus tido..(dgr my mum n sisz mengumpat i)
- bangun g breakfast with mumy sis sis ina n AJf @ santai cafe...
-g pudu ,belikan ticket to kulim for my sis ina
- straight way to NIlai..mumy excited..hehehe
- bought kain baju melayu pink to syed othman (my lil bro)
- survey souvenier for guest .(for my weding)
- bawa AJf g umah kak fauziah(my cousin) n smbang2...had tea +chempedak goreng + pisang goreng
- then g sunway pyramid,jlan2...beli towel @ aussino..
- pastu sent sis ina @ pudu (goin back to KUlim...-tomolo keje )
-had dinner @ my fav restaurant..nearby my apartmnt.
-jumpe amy montel..:))
.. my mum yg comel +lawa+sporting..

...my sis n sis ina yg crazZZy...

@ kak fauziah's home sweet home


- had lunch with mumy(akak keje)

- jejalan di masjid jamek.(jth cinta with one souvenier,booking 50 pcs).n singgah Gulatis,beli kain nak buat baju kurung for my fwen's weeding dec ni

- headache n balik .RESt..

- then tunggu akak,g One Utama..bought towel ..Again at Home Harmony..

- g umah AJf @ subang with sis n lovely bonda..(dinner with ummi ,sis Lina n Abdullah Thani )

... japanese cotton...(with purple for lining)macam kain curtain ke?


cuppycake22 said...

huhu...credits for me for the lovely pictures...hahahaha ;)

neverletmego said...

heheh..yeah right sis:)

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