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Monday, August 18, 2008

'mini date'

yuhoo...at last..dapat gaks aku jumpe ngan scoolmate aku..time primary n 2ndry scool.:)...dalila natra n Beto...best gile dapat jumpe u all gurls..:)
sesangat la happy..tak berubah kan kiter ni...know them since standard 4...sekolah sma sampai la SPM..erm..tq gurls sebab still ingat me..chitchat tak ingat dunia..da best day..lam gile tak hangout camtu.seriously..
last jumpe ata..2005..i guess..dalila beto pun sma..
jumpe diaowng kat Mid valley ,jejalan n had dinner kat dominos ,then jejaln kat the garden..sambil tgu AJf datang amik..actly AJf dah lama sampai Mid,tapi bagi chance to me to spent time with gurlfwens..Sweet kan dia???
pity him,tak makan g..:(
k gurls..hope to meet u gurls gain b4 my wedding..:)
* wish mye can join dat day..:((
dalila balik with her bf,jamhuri(different sgt dia,,,) heheh ,after tata n kiss beto balik by KTM..me n AJf sent ata umah dia @ USJ ,summit..
- me teman AJf dinner..(pity him gain makan sensowang ,merajuk dia..)
@ Nandos..
-me teman AJf jumpe his fwens....@ bangsar
happy tgk AJf makan..bersemangat..:)

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