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Monday, September 1, 2008

hometown-home sweet home

29th August
-bertolak from KL bout 10 pm,
-stop @Tapah,cari makan n tgu AJf mandi ..heheh..sian tak mandi dari balik keje
-teruskan perjalanan dgn 'makan' n main2 teka teki with AJf n my sis.
-smpai kulim bout 2.30 am ..then titon..

30th August
-breakfast dgn nasi lemak ,home made,,mak masak..cedap sgt2
-then bersiap to bwa AJf balik kg mak,Yan kedah..
-had lunch dgn maktok,...
-baring2,sembang2 ,'mengumpat2' n landing2 sementara tgu ptg..
-pergi Mandi sungai @ titi hayun..:).best gilen...

-couz,nusyrah.my sis -akak ,me-

AJf tekun mendengar org tua bercakap...

31th August

-sandwich ,tea,milo for breakfast on sunday morning..

-help mumy masak for lunch..

-prepared,n settlekan 'hal' my wedding,insyallah..my door gift..

-had lunch with 'gulai siam' n ' daging masak pedas' ..yiummy

-main game ..'cluedo' :)

-tea time,cucur chempedak n tea

-siap g penang,feringgi walk,,,bought box,cushion coverz .:)

p/s--->sgt2 happy,alhamdulillah

sorry AJf ,sian u kena 'buli' makan banyak..

nak buat camne family i memnag suka masak n makan-our fav games..:p

esok dah nak puasa...:)

sis ina ,mak ,akak,me,n bro,syed othman.walid n AJF control macho.:P..@ feringgi walk

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