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Thursday, July 10, 2008

n.i.g.h.t .d.u.t.y.

#baru balik nite duty ...mata bengkak muka bengkak....semua bengkak..:((
activity harian seperti biasa....

#nak titon..tapi snap pic dlu..kekurusan yang melanda....miss skinny to mrs skinny..

after had my lunch ,(bun + fillet of fish+ cheese+ extra MAYONIS + sos tomato+salad) -->healthy food kan b??heheh had my beautiful nap jap ,,bangun mandi tunggu my AJF ,then had dinner with him @ kg baru,n g keje......gara2 dr azlina,pergi gaks cari magazine RAtu SEhari dis month..worth it la rm 18.50 sebab banyak design baju cantik2...buat jamu mata di kala kebosanan malam ni...

my last night duty...then tomorrow i will goin back to kedah..mengantuk tapi tetibe laks ada patient..again,pt addictd to pain killer,datang2 je mintak morphine ,request PCA laks tu..crazy nut..first time handle pt ,rupenya tu dah kali keberapa ntah dia datang...dr2 kat cni pun dah boring handle dia ni...last2 advice her to other private hosp. or government hosp. money2 gaks,tapi dah melanggar principal medical staff,pe le buat kan???


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