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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


ok..MONDAY...!!!kepenatan last nite mnyebabkan bangun lambat ..after that ,mandi then bersiap amik taxi to MId Valey..yuho..

TUjuan ke sana:-
1)beli 2 tickets Dark Knight
2)bayar dwet sewa umah to JIMMy..
3)g watson beli few things..
4)g guardian...
5) redeem rm35 di The Body SHOp

1)best gile dark knight.(pity AJf --tired)
2)dah settle-rupanye2 senang je nak bayar sewa...:)
3)ORganic aid clensng foam n sunsilk (dapat free one bottle g)
4)st ives night cream
5)burn my rm2 ,tapi okla at least i dont hv to py anthing to gt
strawberry body polish

Buzz:--at last upload gak my new handbag..hehe.ada BERAni...??
coz AJf cakap lawa jer...:P


afizak.akak said...

handbag mu tu tersangat la burok..ahaksssss

neverletmego said...

lawa la..:P

Anonymous said...

alamak!!!!!tersame lah plak?????

neverletmego said...

erm..sape ni anonymous?plz put u name..:)
apa yag sama ye?

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