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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kursus kahwin..

Hye ppl ...
erm lepas 3 nite shift,dapatla 3 hari cuti, saturday,sunday n morning.semua diluangkan dengan aktiviti2 yang sihat.:):)
saturday n sunday dipenuhi dengan kursus kahwin..ngantuk gilen...after work ,dapat nap sekejp je till 1 pm je,then terus bangun n siap g Kursus ,start 2.30pm..ok gak but quite boring..ehhehe..input nye same je belajar form 5 dulu..(arrogant)..

kononnye bnyk artist la yg g sana..huhu
(aritu takde--so macam SN AJf je artist nye)

waitn AJf g Kursus (saturday)..

then..lepas balik 5.20pm---makan A&W.sunday lak...suppose nye start 8.30am..tp kepenatan yg melanda,terbangun lewat.thank god,dekat je kursus tu..jadi tak la lewat sgt2...:)) habis lebih kurang 6.20pm,gi ikut AJf gi rumah nenda sedaranye.:)..chantek orgnye..:)..had dinner there,n watchd tv ..then barulah balik...tido.sleepp..zzzzZZZZZzzzzz

Buxzz-->even penat first day kursus tu,tapi happy sgt dapat dinner with my good buddy,siena mye n anis..miss u guys so much..:)...4 am baru tido chit chat n sesi photography with da all..(pic tak ble upload-ada unsur2 18+++)

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