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Saturday, June 28, 2008

best movie ..:)

AYAT-AYAT CINTA (Love Verses), tells the story of young handsome Fahri ,an Indonesian student attending Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, who attracts beautiful young women left, right, and centre, four of them in fact.Nurul, also an Indonesian in Egypt, the daughter of an important East Java kyai.
Noura , an ungrateful Egyptian girl (Fahri saves her life but she betrays him later).
Maria a Coptic Christian living next door to Fahri, who inexplicably converts to Islam at the end of the film.
Aisha , from a wealthy German-Arab family.
In the end Fahri plumps for the rich girl Aisha and they no doubt live happily ever after.I really like this film. It makes me cry but really carve a memory in my mind. I never see such a film.It can make me influenced with the story and also know that love in islam is very fantastic.It really help us to realised that if we are sincere then everything will be ok.But SINCERIty from the HEART is never easy to achieve.
Yes, it seemed too good to be true seeing the girls just want him so much, but hey, it happens in reality. Also about the culture and law system in such countries, so true. The movie is good. I’ve watched it yesterday , Still looking  forward to watch it again. Hahaha…My favorite scene is the dialogue between Fahri and his absurd cellmate. “Patience and Ikhlas… That’s Islam” (it gives me shiver).Superb storyline. 15 out of 10!! huhuuuhuh
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