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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Monday, February 18, 2008

i will survive..

First I was afraid

I was petrified

Kept thinking I could never live

without you by my side

But I spent so many nights

thinking how you did me wrong

I grew strong

I learned how to carry on

and so you're back

from outer space

I just walked in to find you here

with that sad look upon your face

I should have changed my stupid lock

I should have made you leave your key

If I had known for just one second

you'd be back to bother me

Go on now go walk out the door

just turn around now'cause you're not welcome anymore

weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye

you think I'd crumble

you think I'd lay down and die

Oh no, not I

I will survive

as long as i know how to love

I know

I will stay alive

I've got all my life to live

I've got all my love to give

and I'll survive

I will survive

It took all the strength I had

not to fall apart

kept trying hard to mend

the pieces of my broken heart

and I spent oh so many nights

just feeling sorry for myself

I used to cry

Now I hold my head up high

and you see me

somebody new

I'm not that chained up little person

still in love with you

and so you felt like dropping in

and just expect me to be free

now I'm saving all my loving

for someone who's loving me

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

-happy Love day-

You are the answer to my lonely prayer

You are an angel from above

I was so lonely till you came to me

With the wonder of your love.

I don't know how I ever lived before

You are my life, my destiny

Oh my darling, I love you so

You mean everything to me

If you should ever, ever go away

There would be lonely tears to cry

The sun above would be never shine again

There would be teardrops in the sky

So hold me close and never let me go

And say our love will always be

Oh, my darling, I love you so

You mean everything to me

So hold me close and never let me go

And say our love will always be

Oh, my darling, I love you so

You mean everything to me

Sunday, February 3, 2008

single but not available..

..im single but not available..hm quote yg amat mnarik n memeningkan n membuat org tertanya pa maksud dia..

aku dah brpunya?ye aku dah berpunya .tapi tidak sah g..bile?kadang-kadang aku dapat rasa yang aku ni tamak sgt..org ada ,aku nak! org pun ada, aku pun nak ada..org dah ada..aku pun nak ada.pendek kata pe yang org ada aku akan pastikan aku pun ada.life memang cruel..cinta ???apa ada dengan cinta-macam cite indon lak.tapi sekrg aku rasa cinta tu menyusahkan.tak tahu naper??naper kiter ble maafkan org yang tak dak pertalian darah ngan kiter sebab sayang.padahal family kiter sendiri tak kan cakap perkara yang akan menyakitkan ati kiter..hush..pelik tol..kan?tu ke namanya cinta,kalau iyela jawapan dia..bodoh betul la org yang bercinta tu kan?.sgup berkorban demi cinta konon..!!!hahahhaha..sgup ke aku??tepuk dada tanya selera.!!ayahku selalu pesan cari org yg syng aku..ada..ada ada dady..ada org sayng aku..tapi aku tak tahu samda dia akan sayng sampai ke penghujung hayat aku @ tak...??tapi kalau tanya aku..iyer..aku memang sayng dia..tapi sampai bile?sampai la dia buang aku n tak perlukan aku....yang penting aku ada family ..n soulmate-mitsuki n 'kehidupan' aku yang sayang aku tnpa mengharap pape balasan..:)
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