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Saturday, January 19, 2008

my Short holiday

After my night duty,i got my 1st holiday .a short 1,it was only 2 days..well,at least i dapat jugak la..that was the 1st time in 2008..so me decided 2 go somewhere near..so i pegi la ikut si 'ting tong' --> wahidah cayunk to her hometownn...:) ...best gak r..at least can release my tension bout teenager matters..hahahhaha..ahaks..:)..we planned to go ;mandi manda 'meh @ kolam air panas.but u noe la..time-time holiday,, then time "on cuti" ,,expect i bagn awal lak..tak dapet la..imposible uhuk...so cancel..we were kinda dissapointed jugak la..but banyak g masa..lenkali la g melaka dapat gak g swimming..then i ikut wai nd his beloved ayah(so sporting) to Bukit Senggeh...quite far from melaka bcoz it alredy in sempadan johor..can see gunung ledang tue...hihihi.... yang paling best ever after is..paling vogue..i dapat jumpe my bestgurlfwen ..siena. grrrrrrrrrrmiss her somuch...she looks so thin..diet r tue..

All in all,it was a great trip even tho it was kinda short..so now sambung life di kl yang membosankan tu .hahahha...gonna plan vocation this year la..tatau where to go yet..with my loved one,bee boo,wahidah n mitsuki--->soulmate.:P..
p/s:-pink honda jazz-->kereta curi.:P


erika said...

well sorry la nadh..sepjg cuti most of the time spent kt umah je..nanti la kite plan cuti bebtol kay....

erika said...

bile hang nk beli keta ni???

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