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Monday, January 14, 2008

cinta itu penyeksaan!!!

LoVE is Complicated...
Layu sebelum berkembang(broery marantika)
nice song..love it..:)

I'll never forget the cute little things you used to do.When you'd call me in the middle of the night just to see what i was up to or when u'd call me from ur vocation because you missed me just as much as i missed you.I loved u my dear .You were my one,the one who was always there,the one who truly cared the one i thought about before i went to bed at night ,when something was wrong you made it right.I may not be the one you love,but to me you an angel sent from up above..you my one ....reason for everything.we just can express our feeling in blog..but what we can do to make 'they' understand..heartbroken???nope me..im just wrote it on behalf of my besssst solumate..:(..
we don have reason to loved someone...:((
but guy...???

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erika said...

life must go on babe... keep on moving..no turning back...i'm alwiz with u...face the reality...luv is a gamble..happiness n sadness is normal in our life...but the way we face it is the important thing...wake up babe...

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