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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ayah dan ibu
Itulah permulaan kami
Dapatlah melihat
bulan danMatahari
..Yang dikurniakan dari Ilahi
Ayah dan ibu lah
Mesti dihormati
Ayah dan ibu
Wali dan juga keramat
Pada mereka kita beri hormat
Ahai...Bagilah tunjuk ajar dan
Supaya hidup
Supaya hidup kita akan selamat
..well..hm hm. im alone again in that "house'....:((.when no ones at home..makes me home sick when im alone in the house, i miss having my family but i know this experience will do me good ..sometimes rasa cam only me live in kl..facts is masing2 sibuk ngan own works..:)
adakah aku yg jauhkan diri??nope ..not me..mana nadia?where is she..? Loving families are so important to us and we always miss them - during all of our adult lives...miss my mum so much..walid akak kak ina othman..miss nak ktawa. rindu nadia-"happy go lucky' dulu.:((
all people will say--->i know what is this feeling...terrible, but necessary...with the time, you will get used to the situation...really?i used to feel it..but ? But it is natural to break free and experience a new dimension of freedom, to build on your personality and who you are, without reference and scrutiny from your loved ones. For me this was a major part of growing up I had not bargained for at the time.Hope my maktok will get wll soon..:(( cant wait til chinese new year 2 met thm..grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...MIS THEM SO MUC!!!

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